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Report - Stade de la Méditerranée, Beziers, France - November 2014


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Béziers is a small town in the south of France, after failing at numerous derelict buildings in the centre I set my sights upon this stadium out of town (which isn't derelict by the way). My aim was to find a way up onto the roof for the hell of it. I scoped it out during the day when it seemed especially quiet and was just about to go for it when the lawnmower man drove out onto the pitch in his tractor. Probably for the best as it turns out there may have been some spectators watching me from a restaurant window on the other side. I returned early one morning instead and went for it straight away, just catching the end of the sunrise as I reached the top. Once I'd taken a few pictures and watched the sun coming up for a bit I spotted a car patrolling beneath me around the structure so I got myself out of view and made my descent quickly to avoid being caught. It didn't matter, I'd succeeded in what I set out to do, bending a few rules and taking some snaps from a different vantage point to the norm, all good fun!


Stade de la Méditerranée is a multi-purpose stadium in Béziers, France. The stadium is able to hold 18,555 (16110 seated) people and was built in 1989. It is currently used mostly for rugby union matches and is the home stadium of AS Béziers Hérault. The stadium is also used to host Rugby League Internationals. On December 4, 1994, France hosted Australia in Béziers. In Mal Meninga's last match, 8,000 people saw the Kangaroos run out 74-0 winners. More recently, Stade de la Méditerranée has been used as the home ground for the France based Moroccan national team.​













Cheers for looking :thumb
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The Franconian

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you got some really fine shots here; nice with the sun.
n°6, including stands, roof and sun is boss.
thank you


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Thanks guys, had a lot of fun doing this one and punched the air when I got away :D