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Hey guys. Just wanted to inform anyone who wants to visit Stallington Hospital that I went there this evening, parked close by and walked around the perimeter of the grounds. I couldn't see any access so obviously didn't gain access to the grounds or hospital. So we gave up and got in the car and left. As we were leaving we passed a police car heading towards stallington hospital which turned around and followed us to the main the road and then put the blue flashers on. They had reports of us trying to break in (we obviously weren't, we were armed only with our phones, torch, selfie stick and a multi pack of toffee crisp). So just a little warning guys that the locals are keeping watch over the old place and as far as I can see there was no way in. Looks like builders have secured the perimeter with 2 lots of gates and fences. Shame as I have not been here before and really wanted a good mooch round. I explained to the police that I photograph abandoned places and he asked to see photos as he couldn't see any cameras so I explained I do it all on my phone and showed a recent explore of an abandoned graveyard. They were fascinated and let us on our way.

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Stallington Hall Hospital is the proper name, but local people have always tended to refer to it as an asylum. :gay

It's really not worth looking at these days, it's been an absolute wreck for years.
I dunno, it's just down the road from where I used to live, we just called it Stallington Hospital.

And yeah, it's been a ruin for as long as we've been exploring.

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