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Report - Standon ROC Post, Staffordshire - February 2016


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28DL Full Member
Situated next to a minor road, with a ridiculously big layby which was built specifically for the post. The post was locked on the original battleships when Catford visited in 1999, but soon after they went missing and were replaced by a bar welded over the hasps. When I visited last summer the compound was a jungle of brambles, with no chance of even seeing the post which was presumably still sealed. On our most recent visit there was a clear path hacked into the brambles, and it looked like the bar welded over the post had been recently removed. It had the potential to be an interesting one, but once inside it became clear why it had been sealed all those years ago after the padlocks went walkies. The post was strewn with beer cans and other rubbish from 2000, and two long since deflated inflatable chairs lay on the floor! Real shame as it looks like it would have been a good one before the chavs got in. A couple of original items remained, including a random winch type thing.

Visited with Mr Sam and Mattdonut.





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