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Report - - Standon ROC Post -Staffordshire Group - 12.07.07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Standon ROC Post -Staffordshire Group - 12.07.07

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After visiting this post quite a while back with Dweeb and Raddog, we found it to be welded with an iron bar...dweeb asked the farmer whether we could gain access, and he said no because its been welded as a result of kids doing weed down there...

Went again yesterday after work because its literally 2 miles down the road, and unfortunately its still welded (I didnt expect it to be open).

So just for the record, as of the 12.07.07 this post is locked and welded. So if your planning a trip, I wouldnt bother :)

Picture pilfered from Subbrit just to show people as I forgot my camera...if subbrit requires this picture to be removed, then I will remove it.


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