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Report - - steetley magnasite-4.3.09 Hartlepool | Industrial Sites |

Report - steetley magnasite-4.3.09 Hartlepool

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disco legs all the way :)
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A little history about the site:
1937: Site acquired by Steetley. New process allows magnesium to be produced from sea water.
1938: Plant opens and expands rapidly.
1961: Chimney built which is seen across Hartlepool.
1962: World's largest settling tank built on the site.
1967: 5,147 tons of magnesium produced a week.
1997: Britmag takes over the site from Redland.
2002: Britmag goes into administration, and the site is reborn as CJC Chemicals.
2005: CJC also falls on hard times and the area falls into disrepair.
2005: Culford Properties become free-holders of the site and draw up plans for a 500-home estate.
2006: Children caught by the Mail diving into the settling tanks.
2007: (August) Children snapped by local resident playing among the rubble.
2007: (September) English Nature opposes building plans because of breeding birds near the site.
2007: (October) The council puts £100,000 aside in case they have to clear the site.

still alot of locals on this site cant see there being that much left to take but there u go.

so after all the car problems first thing and getting there 2-3 hours late was still a good day out :D

so on with the pics just a hand full as i think this has been done to death.





and walk down the jetty