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Report - - Steetley Magnasite works Hartlepool 28/05/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Steetley Magnasite works Hartlepool 28/05/07

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the loon

Had a call from Saxofils last night with an offer of going to have a look at Steetly in Hartlepool. After seeing a few reports decided that maybe worth a look simply to see the remains of the old ponds.
Met up with Saxofils and friend(sorry cant remember your name) in hartlepool and drove on to Streetly.
First thing that struck me was total lack of any security

Former security hut

according to saxofils this was still here back in feb when he visited and active

only camera we saw all day. as you can see its in less than functional condition


and the second was overall condition of sight.... its been just about leveled with hardly any buildings remaining just loads of rubble

First place we looked at was the big oil holding tank
Decided would have a climb up to the top
- the steps seem ok but be warned ...the hand rail is badly rusted in places


Didnt fancy going any further over the top of the tank as its showing signs of age ...theres a few fair sized holes visable plus the wind was really blowing a gale

Climbed off the tank priety sharpish as didnt like the conditions up there and onto the chimney

the ladders still in place but bottom 20 feet or so have been removed. Saxofils discovered later after talking to a local that this had been done to prevent local chav's from climbing up inside of chimney at request of local police as they where up there almost every night.

Then it ws onto main sight ...theres loads of evidence of pikeies stripping out old wire. Everywhere you look youll see old wire casing and armour.
While we where there car pulled into sight and began loading up with something but couldnt make out what. Again the local saxofils had been talking to said that this guy was up there most days


(pics not the best as was taken on the sly without actualy focusing or pointing camera)

moved on over the rubble to the first tank. I had seen the pics of these before but they didnt prepare me for the size or the colour of the contense


moved across to the small building just over from the tank and thought B&W would make pic better than colour.


had a look around the general area and found a way into underground level.
I was supprised to find a lot of paperwork in here had a quick dig through and some of it dates back to 1940's


also best 2 finds of the day...



Then found the shooting range. Dont think this was the original intended use of this room but theres still scores on the wall and a few targets lying about



The shooting range is supprisingly un-chaved - no graffiti and no signs of any fires etc but then it is fairly well hidden how ever the paint store next door is another matter. Almost totaly burnt out and theres a fair bit of old asbestos in there so didnt hang around. Just took a pic and got out

drum of ailen snot

(more to follow in a bit)

the loon

Re: Steetley Magnasite works Hartlepool report 28/05/07(56K NO WAY)

....and the story continues

After the riffle range headed down further towards the bottom end of the sight to the other tanks ...




then back around the bottom of the sight and upto what we beleve is the old pumping house

Serious signs of chavery in here...good deal of fire damage and massive stack of old wire casings

Found what I can only describe as "a bloody big pipe" in the wall so had a bit of a noisey


dissapointing...its just a short drop and the end is blockled up with shite(its the big pipe on the right of pic)


and that was realy about it.