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Report - Stoke-on-Trent Workshops for the Blind - September 2019


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Building doesn't have power. Guessing the cameras might be off now or they have there own supply?
Nah they definitely still work, I had an almighty bollocking a few weeks back. The small black ones with the sensors don't seem to be on anymore, but the PTZ ones definitely are. Popo said they've been called out loads. Like host said, just down to luck whether someone's monitoring them.


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Work has now started on the site redevelopment, making this report very well timed and almost certainly the last. Hoarding started going up this week.

I attach a visualisation of the development which the council posted on their Facebook page. I'm happy to see that the frontage is retained.



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Motion sensor alarms at the rear now... tried it yesterday, set the alarm off, got off the grounds and watched from the opposite street and a guy did show up about 10 minutes later and that was on New Years Day! Seems the alarms/cameras etc are monitored fairly well


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To be fair its not really that much of a thing anymore. Most decent explorers have hung up the driving gloves.