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Report - - Stourbridge Lion Foundry, Stourbridge | Industrial Sites |

Report - Stourbridge Lion Foundry, Stourbridge

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Today, i met up with the legend that is Bubblehead, and we did some recon on a nice little splore we are working on.

after this i took him on a scenic trek along the canal's in stourbridge to gain access to what is left of the foundry. When i used to do graffiti, this site was amazing, huge, with lots of its original fixtures still in place. The council moved in and destroyed it, to stop people from going into these buildings. People used to come from around the country to paint this place, i really wish i had gotten some pictures back in the day.

We walked along the canal, which as you can imagine was buzzing, so we where unable to gain access via the usual route, so i took bubble through a lesser known route. through a multitude of trees, past a couple (in the act i would imagine) (would have joined in but knocked out a knucklebaby in bed before i met bubble) :(. We reached a small house, whcih has been abandoned for some time, its fairly old, and is getting into a worse state with regular fires and wall collapses, this is one of the only remaining building from the site, so i would imagine it was listed as is the actual foundry. We also found an eddition of "playboy preview" left behind by one of the chavs, however unfortunately i already had that particular edition. Bubble ventured into a basement which i had not had the courage to enter before, but it was of little interest.

We eventually got over to the factory itself, and it did not dissapoint. i found the complexity of its structure mesmirizing. This particular foundry is where the first locamotive in america was built, the stourbridge lion, its an incredible site and i would love to see it preserved. the photos are wack, but thats because a. I suck, b. My camera sucks.

Here we go:








Some nice graff, with a penis.

I hope you enjoyed my first real report!