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Report - Strongbow Window Systems, Huddersfield - June 2014

Richard Stainforth

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28DL Full Member
Right, here goes - my first time out so please be gentle :) visited here June 30th 2014 with a friend to pop our UE cherries. One very sweaty, nettled filled walk and a spiderman impression later we were in. The building itself is structurally sound for the most part, with lots of concrete floors and stairways to the upper and lower levels. The roof has collapsed, and I wouldn't trust the wooden flooring too much, but there is still plenty of this to explore.

Provenance of the building is currently unknown, however I have reached out to the local historical society so hopefully can flesh that out in due course :)












Richard Stainforth

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Thanks mate - it was a bloody fun evening, and I can't believe that after hunting for a spot to try out for weeks I found this 5 minutes walk from my house :)


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28DL Full Member
The civic society aren't all that great from my experience.

As above though, nice to see something different - I'm actually puzzled as to where this is without googling.

Richard Stainforth

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28DL Full Member
I did some googlong last night when i got in and couldn't find any history for the building; it's not listed, and I got chatting with a local chappy who told me it's been empty for the thick end of 20 years. Not sure how much longer it'll be there as he seemed to think it was being pulled down to make way for *more* student digs.


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Given its style layout and location i think it began life as either a woolen mill or dye works.
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