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Report - Subside rock bar, Fletchers walk, Brmingham . Aug 2015


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Hiya all.
My second report.
Wasnt going to put this one up as there isnt too much to see, but decided to anyway. This place appears to have been missed by everyone heading to the Central Library.(or just too bad to report on lol).
We were on the way to the library and had to linger about for a while to keep an eye on the security situation before heading in , noticed access to Subside while we were waiting so popped in for a pint.

Bit of history (not much to be found but heres what i did find)

Once voted the best rock bar/club by Kerrang Magazine poll voters, Subside Bar is just a stones throw from Birmingham city centre is Birmingham's alternative party mecca.

Though minimalistic in its approach to decor with trademark black and purple tones scattered throughout, it's all about the atmosphere and experience in Subside. With parties lasting well beyond the wee hours of the morning thanks to the bar's late night 6am finish on Fridays and Saturday's. Never mind pre-drinks in Birmingham, Subside are ready for the post-drinks.

Drinks at Subside have been left to the bar's fun and rampant imagination with alcoholic slush puppies, a cocktail fountain and economical beer towers prone to being any weekend visitors drink of choice on a Friday or Saturday night in Birmingham. Proving Subside to be the Birmingham bar with attitude. The bar are also host to a multitude of gigs nights, movie nights and downright raucous party nights, so if rock is your thing, swing by Subside. ( www.designmynight.com)

According to the venues facebook page , the last event was on the 2nd jan 2015 following a compulsary purchace order. The owner was told he had 2 years left at the site before he recieved it.

The explore.
Popped in here with @DdotMC , and none members Gibo and Slim (out to Slim on stumbling on the access and also for faceplanting the glass door on the way in :-) ) There was a dodgy smell inside and the floor was sticky from the last party. Not a massive amount to see hence the lack of pics but was worth a nose while waiting to see if security @ the library had actually seen us .
On with the pics then (again, on my iphone as i still dont have a decent camera, soon come tho lol, )








Buttery nipples anyone??


Evidence of a pool table lol.

For some reason, Flickr wouldnt give me the option to "go large" on the pics apart from the first one .
Still didnt get my roof shots from the library even tho we did get in in the end , looks like a daylight visit is on the cards. I do like that roof lol.
Heres the best shot i could get of the walkway from the concrete ledges in the middle of the library...


And radio library...


Big shouts to the busker in the walkway at 2 in the morning, floyds comfortably numb sounded perfect on that acoustic guitar with his vocals :-)
Anyways, nice one for lookin. There will be some roof shots off that library from me even if i have to visit the place 100 times lol. :-)


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Me and my housemate were only talking the other day about when we went here last year not long before it closed and how shit it was. From my personal experience a night out here was no where near as entertaining as the history you have posted would suggest, you'd go here if you had been kicked out of Snobs when it was over the road. Fair play for paying it a visit though!


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28DL Full Member
It may have been a strip club, someone else said that to me . Only other bit of info on it is that is was a rock bar in the late 90s too called xposure .

Nice one for the comments ppl :-)


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28DL Full Member
@ Jellyfish, yes indeed, the Xposure Rock Cafe. You would find me on the door every Friday and Saturday night up to around midnight when I moved on XL's at Five ways.
It was dive then, things never got better over the years.

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