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Report - Subway Depot, Glasgow, Jan. 2009

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Mr Boombastic
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Glasgow's Subway is the third-oldest subway system in the world, after London and Budapest, opened in 1896; two tracks run in a 6.5 mile loop with 15 stations north and south of the Clyde, and with a surface maintenance depot which the trains reach via a gradient.

The initial system was cable-driven - cables ran in a continuous loop driven by a surface steam engine, and the trains could clamp onto or release this cable. Later, the cars were converted to electric power - one of the old cars remains at the depot:


In 1977, the system was closed for a complete renovation - many stations were widened or even rebuilt entirely, the track was replaced, and entirely new rolling stock was ordered. Amusingly, because the old stations only had a centre platform, passengers only ever saw one side of the trains, so only one side was nicely painted!

Next to the old car is a cute little shunter:


The rest of this shed holds the modern rolling stock:



In a smaller shed, maintenance wagons are stored - these wagons are made from the chassis' of the old pre-modernisation cars:



The largest shed holds the workshops:


A series of pits allow access under the trains:




There's also a special tug which can drive on both rail and road:


There's more pics in my Flickr set...