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Report - - Sudbury ROC post - Suffolk Group - 'FSM Tube Cam' - 6/4/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Sudbury ROC post - Suffolk Group - 'FSM Tube Cam' - 6/4/08

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Well i finaly got my ROC probe/camera on a stick working. Got a few teething problems and plenty of improvments to be made but early results are promising. All credit to the guys who have done it before like Tegwin and Flat4 its a great idea.

Headed to my local ROC Sudbury, It was the first ROC i visted way back when and i drive passed it nearly everyday since! In the last year i must have stopped off 10 or so times to see if it was open but never had any luck.

Its located right on the edge of a farmyard and i think this may put people off cutting the locks as that farmer is less than 50yards away :D ! The hatch is locked with 2 orignal battleships that are rusted solid and covered in brambles.

After bashing the brambles back it took about 15mins to get the cap off the FSM tube as it was also rusted solid but after bit of WD40 and a lot of grunting it came off.

The cam fitted down a treat but i under estimated how long it needs to be. Im using what is basicly a telescopic broom handle which is about 2m long but i had to stick my arm right down the tube to get it low enough. I suggest a 3m-3.5m pole to anyone thinking of making one. I could only get about 20deg 'tilt' on the cam so shots are a little tight, a wangle would be awsome but wangle compacts dont come cheap!

anyway this is what i managed







I had high hoped of BPIs and Teletalks which didnt happen but on the whole its an alright post. Cirtanly satisfied my curiosity so will be out to do the rest of the locked ones around here sometime.