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Report - - Sudbury ROC Post - Suffolk Group - Oct 2012 - Some rather strange goings on.... | ROC Posts |

Report - Sudbury ROC Post - Suffolk Group - Oct 2012 - Some rather strange goings on....

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So.. Sudbury is my local ROC post, ive driven past it a few times each week for that last 10 years or more! I first visited in 2006, it was locked on original battleships with no signs of any previous entry since decommissioning. I continued to check it regularly and in 2008 i did an FSM cam. (Please check out the report from that as it makes for an interesting comparison!)

Lately my interest in ROC has reduced quite alot and ive only really checked the post twice since i did the FSM. (the last time i looked was probably 2010 or earlier id guess!) For some reason today i was going passed an i thought id stop. Walking up to the hatch i was surprised to not only find it open but the hatch totally gone! Upon descending i was a little disappointed to find not much left in situe. HOWEVER on closer inspection i spotted a few interesting things and some strange happenings that im struggling to explain!


First off the hatch, so ok its open, getting though the battleships is easy, i know that from experience (with permission!!) but why remove it? I checked the area and i couldn't see it in the vicinity. My first thought was metal theft but it seems strange to steal a steel hatch when (as a master post) theres probably a good few KG of copper still screwed to the wall inside.. The only plausible explanation i can really think of is that someone doesn't want the hatch closing again?? possibly the local farmer (although not the owner) not wanting kids shut in there??)what do you think? Or does someone out there actually need a ROC hatch??


So inside, the toilet was empty, FSM cam couldnt see in that part so no suprises there. The rest of the post has a few interesting bits but what really puzzled me, or in fact set my heart racing was the apparent removal of the BPI bracket? At the time i half convinced myself that id somehow missed out on a in situe BPI but thankfully on my return home i checked the FSM pics and its clearly not there.. BUT why steal the bracket for it (which clearly is there on the FSM) puzzling???


Looking back at the door, although i didn't quite twig at the time, more stuff isnt there, The First Aid poster has gone (understandable) the light switch too has vanished and also the pump handle.. all there in the FSM cam pics... Not the kind of thing your average pikeys like to take so by now im guessing ROC enthusiasts 'salvaging' but then again those things are all ten a penny in ROC posts surely?? why strip a good one and restore a fettid pit? strange!!


The air raid siren crate that can be seen on the FSM was still there but again strangely not the bag of toilet roll that was sitting on it... (more strange looting!)


Last off probably the most annoying bit. The 'shadow' of an in situe Teletalk! The FSM cam i used wasn't capable of taking a shot of the desk directly below the tube so it was always a bit of a mystery as to whether it would have one. FSM showed a cable leading from the brown BT box down towards the desk but that was all you could see.. Im not 100% sure but id say it probably did have one, the shadow is a little dirty but im sure its not 11years of dirt! The second shadow was about the size of a sheet of A4, also missing and on the wall there were shadows of more stuff now gone.

Now i dont want people to think this is a thread bashing people who salvage stuff from ROC post as i dont so much have a problem with that if its for a good cause but there just seems some strange things have gone so thought id point it out. If anyone has been in there before me id like to hear about it just because its my local one really and would be good to know for sure what i missed. :thumb

No dustpan either!!