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Sweet Bells Jangled Out of Tune: A History of the Sussex Lunatic Asylum

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Sweet Bells Jangled Out of Tune: A History of the Sussex Lunatic Asylum (St.Francis Hospital, Haywards Heath) (Hardcover)
by James Gardner

# Hardcover: 321 pages
# Publisher: James Gardner,Brighton (Aug 1999)
# Language English
# ISBN: 0953610101

Mr Gardner has achieved what others have only hoped to do-he has written a very concise historical guide to one particular personal contact in the otherwise neglected and sometimes badly documented story of "madhouses".
People tend to forget nowadays that these institutions functioned in a somewhat "Victorian" manner until recent times and a lot of what happened inside the walls was either not documented or ignored.
Mr Gardner has treated the subject seriously concentrating on presenting a picture which not only highlights the historical development of the institution itself but also the varying cures used to try to re-habilitate the poor lost souls who were interred in the vast halls of medical knowledge.
He has dealt with many personal cases and has tried to present the "inmates" in as human a context as possible, showing that many of them were victims of a society that knew no better than to close them away from the rest of the world.
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