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Report - Swimming Pool, Ushaw Seminary - Durham - December 2014

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The Swimming Pool, Ushaw Seminary


Here's a report from a location that has been done to death over the years, I've shared a previous report on here from our last visit, but I decided to go back and have a hunt around the 'live' part of the site, in search of the rumored 'abandoned pool'... And I'm glad we did, because after copious amounts of climbing, ducking and diving, this is what we found...


That's right, a fully intact pool that hasn't been touched since it closed, lined with rather nice blue tiles and some brilliant natural decay...

To be honest I'm not surprised it hasn't been touched by anyone else, only myself and Borolad are stupid enough to go to the effort it took to get in here really... Suppose it was worth it in the end though!


This has become a bit of a touristy one, and most people know about this history of the site by now...

However I will include the history from Wildboyz report and this image of the pool back when it first opened.

Ushaw College is a derelict Catholic seminary and former Licensed Hall of Residence of the UNIVERSITY of Durham, and covers over 400 acres of Durham’s traditional and renowned countryside. The college also includes 30 acres of extensive gardens, which offer superb views of the surrounding area. The site and its surrounding buildings were completed in 1808 and during this period it was founded as a college by scholars from English College, Douai, who fled France during the French Revolution. Ushaw College and its grounds have been affiliated with the UNIVERSITY of Durham since 1968 and, until 2011, Ushaw was the main Roman Catholic seminary in the north of England for the training of Catholic priests; finally closing in 2011 due to the shortage of vocations. The buildings and grounds are now occupied and maintained by the Bishops of the Northern Province and Shrewsbury Diocese, who have founded a ‘project group’ to ensure that a strategy for the future of the whole site is implemented and sustained. Durham University Business School is also presently using a number of the buildings, whilst its own site is redeveloped. It has allegedly been agreed that the Bishops and Durham University will work together to SECURE Ushaw’s future.


Right enough! Picture timeeee :rolleyes:










Ok that's all for now, I have a few rolls of film that are waiting to be developed too, so may bung a few of them on farcebook or the photo's section. Cheers for looking guy's as always, and oh, if you do want to give this a try, rope will be required ;) Also with this been the live part of the site, watch out for secca and nosy monks :p: haha

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Cheers guys, Durham is the place to be right now, if you're not at Monckton that is... :p:

The Amateur Wanderer

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Cheers Guy's!

I wasn't sure of it's existence, was just a rumor... Had to go for it once I'd seen the archive pic though! :)


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Great work there well done especially dodging the monks.

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