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Report - - Tate & Lyle Silo 11-10-2007 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Tate & Lyle Silo 11-10-2007

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Well, Stoka and I went to liverpool to see the ABC cinema with some others, but had a breakdown in communications, and were unable to find an access point at 5pm, with hundreds of people milling around. lol.

So, we went to have a look at Stanley Dock, which had so much security in there it wasn't funny.

I remembered a building that I used to marvel at when I went to a scrap yard next to it. Turns out that this is Tate & Lyle, lol.

With very little time to do much, we made our way straight up to the silo roof, and boy what a night.

I've only just got my S5600 (thanks Brianand), so you'll have to excuse me if the pictures are poo, I'm still messing about with a lot of the features.

When we got there, it was overcast, so not much panorama



Not sure what type of ship this is, it was in north canada dock. At first i thought it was a cable layer, but it's not big wnough imo, then noticed the front guides, so i reckon it may be a repair ship, that feeds the cable in from the front, and out at the back.


We made our way into the shed on top,





My first attempt at light painting :)


When we left the shed for outside again it had cleared up, unfortunatley, i forgot to use the timer on most of my outside shots, so a lot of them are useless due to trembling :(



This was a mistake, but i like the result anyway :)