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Report - Tees Transporter Bridge, Middlesbrough, January 2015


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Maybe next time...

So having come out with not really much of a plan other than to look at a derpy ship and a derpy building in Middlesbrough, we were a tad disappointed when we showed up to deceptively easy access with a rather unfriendly security guard on the other side. Stealth failure in our stride, we were at a bit of a loss as to what to do - decided it might be a laugh to go for a ride on the transporter bridge as we'd never been on one before...


Got up to it to find the bloody thing is closed for refurbishment! Is there anything to do in this town?
Hmm... Wait, transporter bridge.... That gives me an idea...

Little bit of history first... Opened in 1911, the Tees Transporter Bridge is one of only two active transporter bridges in Britain. A relatively uncommon solution to the age old problem of bridge building without obstructing shipping traffic, a motorised platform suspended by long cables from the upper structure carries up to 200 people and nine cars across the river in a single journey.






Hope you enjoyed it - sadly the pictures aren't really what I'd hoped for. It was one hell of a windy night and my wonky-legged tripod proved not to be fully up to the task.​