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Report - - Terrys Chocholate factory, mmm Chocholate orange! 26/5/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Terrys Chocholate factory, mmm Chocholate orange! 26/5/07

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The Human Turbine.
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mmm, terrys.

Well after a good stay at ma home town i thought it was rude not to do terrys again.

Me and a mate hit there about half 8-9pm, and made enterance. After a bit of 'stealth mooching' around the outside front we found a new enterance into the massive factory floor/warehousue buildings (not the main factory 'floors') some parts still having electricity and strip lighting. The building is split into seperate rooms, one room having the classic Terrys chocholate orange tag, so pretty obvious they made the oranges in that room.

From the ground building, we found a way into the factory floors, these are huge and have some really old skool gems; long wash basins, wood etc. These floors are f-ing huge and span the whole of the building. We did the roof which was o.k but nothing too interesting.

Unfortunately we could not be bothered to do the clock tower an other parts, because i really want to leave these for daylight, having said that i have already done most of the site previously.

overall I found this place had a f-ing weird atmosphere; the time of day and endless exploring through the night coupled with the extractors still running and a mass of desolate factory rooms made a change from most other explores.

Note: I dont usualy mess up Mono with colour shots, but i really couldnt decide, so i thought i would go with the flow and have a pick n mix, sorry for boring you hehe.

I will be going back in the near future.

Enjoy :D

Cant beat a holiday snap

Note: the warnings on the door.

Really nice place, the offices to the right still having a tonne of gear in them.

I dont usualy try these shots (through glass compositions :crazy), but i gave it a go and it came out really nice, well so i think :eek:

One of the offices with ample light coming from the factory floor

The light just dimming

Me in the main building 3rd floor. Call me a sado but im starting to like these zombie shots

...and back to the lit up building...what a eerie light.

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