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Report - Thames Water Bunker at Blunsdon, Wiltshire - November 2015

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A blast from the past here, don't think it has been reported since 2011. I have been monitoring this bunker for over a year, but it was always locked many times over and not only that but with a Thames Water construction site right next to it. But my persistence eventually paid off...

Seems to be much more flooded than previously reported, mould is throughout the complex and the interesting paperwork that used to be in here now gone. Still an interesting visit if only just for the impressive blast doors.

Big shout to @Killerkelly03 who, with a bit of help from myself, got into here just before me. Hope you work out soon how to image host on Photobucket and get your report up.


copied from Tommo's 2011 report:

"All the water utility companies where slightly on edge during the cold war and where made to put their own safeguards in place for cleaning up contaminated water in reservoirs for cities,towns and villages in the event of a nuclear fall out. Blunsdon near Swindon was one of a couple built by Tilbury Douglas Construction Ltd for Thames Water. They also built bunkers at water reservoirs in Donnington and Widdenton. Originally I thought this was built around the mid 80s and up until i had a really good look through all the paper work left behind a lot of the schematics and building diagrams are dated around the early 90s, a lot of kit including the generator and air filtration units where supplied around 1992 and 1993, the generator itself was supplied by Bristol Generator Company LTD and the air filtration equipment by LUWA air products in Birmingham."

Said to be built for 12 workers living up to 30 days underground.



The entrance stairs and the first impressive blast door

View of the second blast door and the airlock

With generator room to the side

And decontamination shower on the other side

The main work area, looking rather barren and empty. Now flooded to a depth of a few inches

A lone chair sits in the centre of the room


To the side of the main work room is a kitchen

And next to this water tanks and the toilets

Electrical fittings still remain


And the fuel tank

Finally, I assume a 1993 datemark on the battery on the generator

Thanks for reading


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There's one of these in Kent too, it was looking pretty sorry earlier in the year, this one is in far better shape, good to see one virtually intact :thumb

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Nice one, good to see it again. The big room always shows signs of being wet BTW.


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Awesome :) I won't bother posting pics as they're almost identical to yours, anything else you want me to take a sniff round you know where to find me ;-)


Nice :thumb

The building work next to it being done by Optimise on behalf of Thames Water and they literally couldn't care less about you going in and out of the bunker, though Thames Water probably do. I went up there a few weeks back and spoke to one of their blokes about the future of the bunker (he didn't know anything as it's not included in the plans they are using) though he reckons Thames Water will just leave it as it is as it's not exactly in the way of the re piping project.

I've got a real soft spot for this bunker, a few friends and I used to hang around in it as teenagers. Plus I can see it from my house in winter!

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