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Report - The Empire Theatre - Burnley - 27/12/09


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Up untill i hit this place my trip seemed to be going down the pan fast. Only three successful explores out of more than ten trys was a bit poor, expecialy after two or three of the 'definates' turned out to not be definates anymore!!

However, after much persistance im pleased to bring you the Burnley Empire! A simply stunning small theater, closed since 1995 im convinced im the only person to have been in there in many many years, there was no sign of any damage untill i set my first foot down on the stage and it dissapeared through into the basement. The whole place is the worst case of dry rot ive ever encountered, you simply cannot trust anything, the circle, athough mint in the pics, is close to major collapse with a large part of the stairs allready gone under its own weight. Its very deceptive! The Gallery has been closed off for years and is a stunning time warp, check the toilets for example! One of the very best!

theatrestrust said:
When bingo moved out of this theatre in 1995 there were fears that it would be vulnerable to neglect and vandalism. The disused upper level already shows signs of fairly extensive water penetration. The more immediate risk seemed, however, to be that it would be sold for some highly profitable non-theatre activity, removing a splendid building from any prospect of a return to its designed use. There was much local pressure for the opportunity for reopening to be grasped and the local authority and The Theatres Trust contributed to the cost of a feasibility study. Narrow, altered façe. The auditorium is unelaborate but pleasing. As reconstructed by Crewe in 1911, it has two slightly-curved wide and deep balconies, terminating in superimposed stage boxes framed between Corinthian columns. Segmentally-arched proscenium, now with a false ceiling inserted half-way over stage. Flat, panelled ceiling with circular centre panel. Restrained plasterwork on balcony and box fronts. Three boxes and the upper balcony have been partitioned off, but could easily be reopened. The theatre could be readily restored to use, but the narrow stage would need to be extended back over a narrow stream at the rear. Front of house would need improvement. Not a cheap return to use, but the possibilities could be excellent for a town with no large theatre, serving a quite extensive area. It would complement Burnley Mechanics (1986) perfectly, to the benefit of both.














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28DL Full Member
abit of research would of shown that it's still there
Doing research now as I'm heading over to burnley after 6pm today. But thanks for your reply! If you want to join us give me a message!!

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