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Report - The North Wales Hospital, Denbigh 0517


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Designed by Thomas Fulljames, the building was four years in construction from 1844 to 1848! It originally housed two hundred patients with psychiatric illnesses but expanded considerably and by the turn of the century it housed over fifteen-hundred!

Like all old buildings, it was chosen for residential apartments and work began. Unfortunately, in 2008 a fire started and took out the main hall. The original plans took a turn and stopped in their tracks.

It has had many fires since that time and yet remains standing and will only be beaten by nature - which is creeping in slowly.

The Grade 2 listed building was in danger of collapse so the local council did some emergency work on it, a compulsory purchase order was put into place with plans to regenerate the site. As of writing, none of these plans have gone through.

So two of us got up early and took a nice drive across the country to see this site for real - finally!

We agreed to see as much as we could and in the seven hours that we were there, we pretty much did! The parts left out were too dangerous even for me so we left with our lives.

It's a mess but still a great explore, it hasn't changed much since I was last there but for some collapsed buildings, above all we had great weather so a Win Win!

A ward!


Flaky stairway!


Ground floor!


Nature carpet:


Knock for service?


Conservatory and unbreakable mirror.


Site of the main hall, destroyed in a fire.


Nice tiles!


Who blows hardest? Or sucks?


Boiler room window.




Make yourself comfortable!


Room with a view! A bit draughty though!


Where not to stand!


To the cellars!


Old office!


Lift timing device!


Newspaper I found in a wall!



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Great pictures! I was at Denbigh myself this Sunday just gone (28/5/17) lovely place to explore just a shame there is so much fire damage, I originally explored here years ago and was very pleased with the bell tower, unfortunately I couldn't gain access on my latest trip as the flooring has been removed completely in the entrance building which housed it.

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