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Report - The North Wales Hospital, Denbigh. Aug 2015

scotty markfour

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HISTORY- locally known as "denbigh mental" it has served as a large employer for the local community since 1844 till its demise in 2004 , the hospital was built to house welsh patients and staff , so few of the welsh working classes spoke english that it was deemed cruel to send them to english asylums, who were equally ignorant of the welsh language ! an auntie of mine who worked at the hospital in the 1960s told me how she and others shouted abuse and heckled "ACKER BILK" when he performed at the hospital theatre and treated staff and patients as country yokel bumpkins and performed a half hearted rendition of his numbers as he did,nt like the venue that his agent had booked him ! right thats history bit done !
THE VISIT-visited with Cazel#HT ,went in the best way behind the church to avoid the eyes of locals who i am sure are in contact with ELWYN ! denbigh asylum has been visited tons of times by fellow explorers but still provides lashings of fun ! we visited again so we could locate the service tunnels and enter parts that most explorers miss ! after doing some wide angle external shots we was spotted by ELWYN who beeped his horn at us and told us to get off the property , i shouted at him we was " buggaring off" and ran round the back of his jeep and hid by the church for half n hour , we laughed about the incident cos we are both around the 50 mark and still getting chased like naughty teenagers...lol , and then we sneaked back in through the service tunnels , denbigh is a big site and needed more than one visit ! after scrambling through the service tunnels and keeping a wary eye open for ELWYN ..we visited the main building that denbigh is famous for , it is just a shell ! the level of decay at this complex is shocking (see pics) and going down hill fast ! why anybody would want to waste money on saving this place is beyond me ! these do-gooders should walk in my boots and see what i see ! ..for those who are yet to visit or encounter ELWYN ..do not be intimidated by him !... don,t let him come to close to you as he has a tendency to lash out at cameras...stay calm and let him say his piece !...if your younger LEG IT AND SHOUT ABUSE AT HIM !...
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and then come back when he,s buggared off ! ELWYN has a tendency to stick to patrolling the service road and not venture into the buildings themselves , there are dead ends and he knows them better than you ! if you do get caught put it down to part of the famous denbigh experience and laugh it off later .

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Yea ditto. He's only trying to keep people safe. Abet in a unconventional way. But nice pics of a place going down hill fast. Scrap that gone down hill fast lol. But it does have nice pics to be had.

scotty markfour

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Nice one mate, the place looks even more 'Fooked' wish this trust would pull their finger out there arse and do something about it.

Love picture 7. :)
cheers #GRONK , that trust will need tons of lolly to fix this place , reckon we will still be visiting this place in 20 years mate ...lol


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That open floor is ripe for button hunting!

It's hard to believe it's still there after all these years...

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