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Report - The Regent Picture House - Batley - 28/12/09


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Theres been a report posted from here eariler in the year but it didnt give away much about the attual situation with the place. Myself and Dweeb turned up to find a weird little half built arcade/cafe place occuping the ground floor but after a quick word with the propriator he ageed to let us have a look upstairs.

Unfortunatly for us since the last set of pics were taken a higher false ceiling has gone in and its not quite as good as it was. This puzzled me a little as the owner was a decent chap who is wanting to convert it back to theater use! One thing i can say however is what a projecton room!! The owner pans to get the peerless's back up and running but i feel its almost a shame as they look so mint in thier current state of decay, if you reading this mate, please sell me them!! :eek:




Not many photos but i thought you would appreciate an update!