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Report - THE STIRRUP ,wirral...april 2019

scotty markfour

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THE STIRRUP on the outskirts of upton wirral was opened in 1966 as a BASS pub ,it was known as a sports venue pub due to its pool n darts league matches and its SKYSPORTS licence for playing football fixtures , it closed its doors for the last time in november 2018 , a WHATPUB guide said it reported it permanently closed on 12th feb 2019 and due to be demolished ! there is very little history on this bland mid-sixties pub ...except my brother used to play darts there now n then !

whilst delivering goods in the area , i noticed the biggest giveaway of a potential derp !....a security fence ! ....after doing a quick drive-by scan of the pub for an entrance ......i had one !
I returned a couple of days later with just a camera , i reckoned on being in n out in 20 minutes flat , the front entrance is overlooked by a busy B-road near a hospital and a popular park ....so i quickly and confidently made my way in double quick sharp , while i was sorting out my camera settings my walkie talkie kicked into life ! my lookout/missus reported to me that my entrance was being blocked by a neighbour who had noticed a gap in the fence , i peeped through the nearest window to see an old man fiddling with the security fence , i did,nt worry too much as i knew i could undo the old mans handywork pretty quickly.
Everything is smashed up inside this rather un-interesting mid 60s pub !..... its only been shut since late 2018 ...but you would think it had been abandoned 5 years ago ! its not the most interesting of explores , but somebody had to do it !

As usual i went in with one lens on my CANON 70D , after smashing my canon 10-18mm wide angle lens in hungary...i now use a rather excellent 10-20mm sigma wide angle lens , enjoy the pics folks !

p.s the first pic of the pub was taken whilst it was in its bloom and is not my picture !


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