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Report - "The Swan" mine / "Kingsdown" limestone quarry - Kingsdown - 06.2013

The Franconian

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
If I remember right, this was the mine with that small slit called "Letter Box",
guiding to another part of the quarry, which never anybody normally grown will fit through ever, never.
The Franconian man surrendered in this, was also a dangerous position to get trapped.
Crew of visit: Oxygen Thief, PCWOX, Fazy UK, Altair and myself.

Kingsdown Quarry also commonly known as Swan Mine is a small bath stone quarry lying under the hillside along the road from Bathford to Kingsdown. The Main entrance to the quarry is opposite the Swan Inn which was once the Quarry managers house, the inn its self is held to the hill side by great iron chains anchored ito the buried workings of the quarry itself. Kingsdown Quarry was producing stone as far back as 1833.

Look at this pics now:

just a starter

ok, could be better, no lightpainting just wrong lid

mind the roof, it's now the floor

was there once a crane or is it just a collection of parts, I forgot

in the background Mr. Altair, in the front Mr. FaZy Uk, my all day driver, trying to keep his car clean, afraid of the all over muddy Franconian.
Thanks man

Mr. Crane

something hooked on...

...whatever it is, it looks wrong to me at this place, think it is something else



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