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Report - The Witley Wonder - Surrey - December 2012


In Search of Lost Time
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This is my last year explore. One of the best places I've ever been to, amazing and very surreal architectural fantasia...

Witley Wonder history (borrowed):

The main house on the estate was a 32-room mansion, and Wright had three artificial lakes constructed, the 9,000+ acres lavishly landscaped and reeking of wealth and means. Perhaps the most famous addition to the palatial properties was the underground conservatory/smoking room with aquarium windows, an epic statue seemingly rising out of the manufactured lake on the underwater dome that gave the glorious below-ground room a ballroom-like appearance.To create it, 600 workmen dug out four lakes, swept aside hills that got in the way of the view, and built a 32-room neo-Tudor house which was packed with treasures from across the world, including Italian statues and a bronze dolphin’s head so big that it got stuck under a bridge on the way from Southampton. (They had to lower the road to get it out.) Most of this architectural fantasia has gone now. The house, gutted by fire in 1952, was later demolished. A few forlorn lodges and some stables survive

Old pic of Witley Wonder mansion:


Some of my pics (old camera so they are not great...)

Witley Wonder lake

Underwater smoking room






Thanks for looking :)



28DL Member
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I'd love to have a good look at this place. How hard would it be for an old man like me to get through the boundary?
Thanks for the pictures.


Rum Swigger
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As far as I'm aware it's all locked up with pir's now,loads of goons turned up on mass years ago and the estate owners upped security

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