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Report - The Zone / Wardley Colliery

*Please note I've place this in the 'leisure' part as it was last used as a paintball site!*

-Formally known as Wardley colliery, however now it takes the name 'The Zone'. Situated close to metro stations, hiding deep amongst the dense woodland. Forgotten. Vandalized. Derelict. -


Wardley Colliery opened in 1855 as a source of coal for the local area, however it closed in 1911 and was replaced by Follonsby Colliery. After modernization work began at Wardley the closed site was combined with two other nearby Colleries. It continued to operate under the National Coal Board until August 1974 when it permanently closed, along with many other colleries around the country. Around 2007 (I believe, little to no information online) it was re-used as a paintballing site, under the name of 'The Zone'. This two was unsuccessful, and closed down soon after. Since then it's been lying empty. Victim to fires which happen in the buildings that still stand.

My version of events!

I started off the day typically, deciding whether to risk getting wet to go exploring. After I'd decided and had my lush dinner I set off. I waited 20 minutes for the bus (typical!) before arriving and meeting @Geordie Exploration and a non-member. We then had a nice slow walk to The Zone. Although in a terrible state, I'd been wanting to visit this place for a few months. As soon as we got in, it started to piss down, good ol' England! We stayed for roughly half an hour until the rain stopped, before setting off for our next explore. It was nice to have another place to mark off the list, no matter the condition!







Apologies for low quality photos. Phone was pretty much dead and the rain was heavy. I'll try to improve on this for next time!