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Report - Thomas Bolton and sons, now called Bolton Copper. Stoke 12/2010





No matter how well you build your plans, sometimes they just don't work out.Due to events out of our hands we arrived here


way to late and due to obstructions which we were making to much noise to move we called it (EPIC FAIL) and moved on to here.


Visited with accident prone Host.

Pulled up about 1/4 of a mile from site and parked up.I went to the back of the car to get my kit out,looking to my right i saw Host sprawling around on his back in the snow and ice with his hands in the air the air (think that lad wants to be a stuntman) ....... O look another epic fall !!!

This place looks ok from the outside but its trashed inside.It must have been a huge site years ago judging by the leftover foundations.History seems to be limited on the net so ive managed to scrape a little bit together.

Thomas Bolton and sons, now called Bolton Copper.

. A lot of the factory now stands derelict (demolition in progress) but a substantial portion is still in use for the production of rotor bars and extruded section. The Thomas Bolton Copperworks at Froghall (and the closed works in the nearby village of Oakamoor) are famous for the world's first transatlantic telegraph cables, which were manufactured and rolled at the plants.
During the Second World War the factories made wiring components for Spitfire fighter planes. The Copper works are the Staffordshire Moorlands' last link to the historic copper-mining industry that was centered on the nearby Manifold Valley and its famous Ecton Copper Mines.









Some of the original machinery has just been left outside to rot,sorry for the rain drops didn't check my lens.....




just to finish with a couple of original photos from when the factory was open,thanks for looking Oldskool...


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