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Report - Thorn Lighting Leicester feb 2011

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The Melton Road factory opened in 1946 mass producing light bulbs. At the time being owned by British Thomson-Houston. It later became part of AEI Group and eventually Thorn until GE bought the lamp division in 1991.

The factory was once one of Leicester's largest employing around 300 skilled workers. It closed in 2007 and was a massive blow to the local community with the loss if 270 skilled jobs. The site is currently up for sale.


So its a dismal sunday morning, im soaked to the bone as the first leg here was by bike, but my spirits were soon lifted by the sight of the frankly vast thorn lighting site. security is obvious and the place is surrounded by a not so impenetrable fence :thumb


so were in and found our first hidie hole


quick dash across the yard and were in


every thing looks clean and stripped till you walk on and peaking through to door is one hell of a huge space


after walking about a bit climbing a few shady looking structures i could hear someone coming so we all dived into some small room, waited, heard nothin, waited, gave up, came back out to find it was some ninja squirrel running through the roof, obviously we didn't get a picture due to its ninja quality's
so as we were and a groupie to show how long the room was


after realising just how close to the security hut we were, we headed off the factory floor and into the office areas


and womens changing room


now to the best bits, i think it was on the second floor.
The labs






not the biggest obstacle, not sure what was in the room that was taped off but it looked un-healthy!


and now upwards


and to my fave part, the roof, from here you can kinda get how big this place is,


after finally spotting the security guy at the far end of the site we decided to avoid and head back.
All in all a very worth while explore that i dont think my report will do justice, the place looks to be in the early stages of demolition so worth a look before its gone, heres a link to the lighter side of the pics as it was quite a laugh.


please let me know what you think good and bad and cheers for looking.


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