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Sold Three Carbide Lamps...

Oxygen Thief

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I've got three carbide lamps for sale, listed below.

None of them are instant runners, they all need seals and maybe a jet.

I believe all the water droppers are working OK, but you'll need a fully sealed and working lamp to test this fully.

Remember these are pushing 100 years old so sold as seen, no promises, no returns.

£25 plus £5 p&p each.


Lamp 1.

As per the description and pictures. Needs a tiny solder repair to the water tank, and a seal.

IMG_1948 (Small).JPG

IMG_1949 (Small).JPG

IMG_1950 (Small).JPG

IMG_1951 (Small).JPG

IMG_1954 (Small).JPG

IMG_1955 (Small).JPG

Lamp 2.

IMG_1958 (Small).JPG

IMG_1957 (Small).JPG

IMG_1959 (Small).JPG

IMG_1961 (Small).JPG

IMG_1960 (Small).JPG

Lamp 3.

IMG_1962 (Small).JPG

IMG_1963 (Small).JPG

IMG_1965 (Small).JPG

IMG_1967 (Small).JPG

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