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Report - Three Crowns Special School, Walsall February 2015


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Surprisingly there is only one other report from this place, from a couple of years prior to my visit. Considering where it was located in the country it didn't seem to get much in the way of explorer footfall, I guess at the time there were simply better things to see.

Architecture-wise it was boring, being a single storey 1960s pre-fab and brick type structure. There isn't much information around online about the facility but it catered for a small number of students with special needs which usually required one-on-one care, and closed in 2006. The school would have been a pretty boring empty building in it's entirety were it not for the hydrotherapy pool located inside a brick extension of the original pre-fab building. The building was very well boarded on the outside which let only a limited amount of light in around a central light well and a few skylights/higher up windows. It was demolished a few years ago and now has a couple of fancy new houses occupying where it once stood.

Easy in and out with no fuss, I forgot to take a photo of the outside but from what I remember it was totally unremarkable. Looking back it really was in surprisingly good condition for a pre-fab that had been closed nearly a decade, only minimal idiot damage and almost no graffiti.

Thanks for looking :)


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Can see what you mean when you say it was fairly boring but I’m loving the gym and corridor shots with a small amount of natural light that makes it look rather nice! Good job as usual Mookster!
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