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Report - Tidal wave of tunnels/Air raid bunker - Gravesend - 2011


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So yeah hello again all! been a while since i posted on this site!

Just been out and about again seen a few tunnels in Gravesend i would love to share with you lot, all pretty small ish so not worth their own little report... well enjoy the stories and pictures! :D

The first set is a tunnel a call 'pedo's passage' (because it pops up at the back of a primary school!!!!)

but yeah... a simple strait tunel with a huge pipe along side, that goes straight up the cliff, (about 100ft) with ladders to the back of a school.
with some strange engineering diagrams




Next on the list, is some tunnels in northfleet. The first ill be showing is a WW2 Air raid bunker for those who worked nearby. Sadly.... they knocked down the section walls so they can pass pipe along the passage as a easy link....... and alas this pipe burst spilling oil!!!! Not very nice!!!


Handle for something?




After rumaging around the bushes for a bit we saw a rabbit hole, deciding to dig it up and go inside we found another tunnel!!!
Starting off the same as the last, victorian ish arched tunnel, but this time it went of into pre-fab concrete sections..looks like this may of been a conveyer belt....




Thanks for reading! :D

Small warning, for anyone who finds the last two tunnels, they are badly filled with oil, and not running stuff i mean thick gloopy gunky stay in your clothes and ruin them forever type oil....