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Report - - Today I was in Gloucester 01/02/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Today I was in Gloucester 01/02/07

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on my travels to day i ended up in gloucester. on the way in to the town centre i noticed some old wareshouses. mental note. looked at them on the way out.

so i did. :D

there is loads of old warehouses thats just sat there. i picked one that looked like the easyer one to get in.


i picked this one

the building has been empty for along time and over run with birds, every window smashed. apart from that not much else has been done.
there is still loads of mecinery left in the main building and the out buildings.
i walked round the site and found a couple of out buildings that was easy to enter, just walked in. no doors. :D

after having a look around i thought i would try and get in to the main building. tried a couple of doors all locked no way. then i found a way in by climbing out of one window, on to a roof and then throw another window in to a ware house looking building. after climbing the 2nd window, stood on what i thought was a good footing but was not, so i fell lol. o well, at least i'm in. had a look around and found out the main front door was open :rolleyes:

i found a little dark room that looked like it had nothing in it just a hole in the wall. went had a look and there is another room. climbed my way in to the room and almost fell in to a big hole filled with water (i really got to stop drinking in the day lol). this room was filled with loads of old pipes, tunnels and other stuff that i know nothing about.
after 20mins walking around and falling down, i thought i'll give up and come back later. on my way out there was some men stood at the gate. shit i thought, now what. they asked me what i was doing and i said just having a look. they asked if any one else was in there and i said no. over the fence, in to my van and home :)

if you look in the pick there is the main red brick building i was unable to get in to that one. but if the smaller building was any thing to go by i think that one will be even better.
here is some pics. sorry bout the poor quality again lads.

this is what was in the little room that i had to crawl to get to

this is whats is in that room

the room with the hole

some random thing i found on the wall in a out building





bits of mechinery out side


storige tanks

i climbed one of the ladders in the out building, looked around and got the shit scred out of my by this. its huge.

next time up that way i'm going to try and get in to the main building.
might be better to go up on a weekend when it is less busy, the road was really busy and full of parked cars