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Report - - Tolly Cobbold Brewery - Ipswich - 22/1/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Tolly Cobbold Brewery - Ipswich - 22/1/07

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This site first came to my attention last year due to its quite frankly weird 'Adams Family House' apperance. After reciving a tip off that it might be easyer then i thought i headed down there today for a look!


Took me a while to find a good acess point but i eventulay spotted a loose board and entered into this area full of machinery and 3 large tanks labled as 'liquor tanks'!:D



I took a door out into a courtyard in the middle of the site and then on into what appeared to be a cross between the stores and an office. Its still ladened with old machine spares and also lots of old promotional stuff. (if you collect beer mats you would love it!:p )









From here i headed across into one of the bigger buildings, this involved a 'dash of death' down a drive in full view of a guy from the nearby docks having a coffee in his van! Luckly he didnt see me so i started to look around the building. Upstairs first (dodgey ladder lent up against rotten stairs route!)






(RW Pauls is still there just across the water!)

I came across this room stuffed full of old pub furnature! time for a comedy shot me thinks!:D


Heading out another door i found myself at the back of the site where there was about 5 or 6 large warehouses. I checked two and they were mostly empty apart from one which was litraly full of this stuff i assumed to be hopps or soemthing?


Back inside again i headed back down to explore the ground floor. Got the fright of my life when i walked round a corner to see lights on and relised the building was still half in use! To make matters worse right at the point i dicided it was a bad idea exploring further i hear a huge crash behind me and pearing around the corner i see a previously locked door swing open! shit i think someones seen me! so i try and hide but theres nowhere to go. Im trapped beteen the 'in use' wearhouse and the door. so i stand there for a min or 2 listening at all the 'abandoned building sounds' convinced there was someone round the corner looking for me so i diceded to make a run for it only to find no one there! maybe they had been and gone or maybe there was no one there at all one thing i knew was i wasent hanging around to find out so i headed to the exit pretty sharpish and on to my next explore!

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