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Report - Tolly Cobbold Brewery - Ipswich - April 2014


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Well I have finally got off my arse and got in another abandoned building.

I needed something easy after my last 7 months which include starting a new job, having a baby and having an operation!

So, the Tolly Cobbold Cliff Quay Brewery is a building about 5 mins from my house, so it fits the bill perfectly.

Thanks to UrbanM (who is an amazing professional photographer, as you will see if she actually posts some of her pics) for encouraging me to get out again... and for joining me on the day out!

Bit of history from various sources:-

The Cobbolds have an important status in Ipswich as the family were landowners in the town and surrounding area. Christchurch Park was donated to "The people of Ipswich" by the family, along with many other donations of land such as Ipswich Racecourse. The family also provided several Members of Parliament for Ipswich over the years. In addition they have provided five chairmen of Ipswich Town Football Club, Lady Blanche Cobbold was President of the Club for many years, ITFC have even named part of a stand in their stadium and a prestigious member's club after the Cobbold family.

In 2002 Tolly Cobbold became part of Ridley's and the Cliff Brewery in Ipswich closed ending 256 years of brewing at that site. The company itself claims a history dating back to 1723 and this site is dedicated to the company, its history, its people and its pubs.

Anyway, here are some snaps... also a bit ropey as I have only been taking pictures of toddlers and babies for the last 7 months!

The building itself! on our way in, a couple of revellers from the night before we asking us for a ciggy...I think they wanted to join us.

The blue room - it's becoming a bit of a famous place... no idea why it has blue stained glass!? looks great though.

The blue room form another part of the building!

Big blue grain hopper (I think)! Loads of grain still lying around!

The hopper runs through several floors! this is directly under the previous picture

Some tools left lying around!

Obligatory chair picture...with a flash of the blue room top right.

Just to mix the colours up a bit, they had a yellow room at the top.

Not HDR photography... but the bird shit makes it look like it is!

This was where the massive copper tuns were before the metal thieves ruined it! Still quite an impressive room though.

Some awesome old scales... surprised they haven't been nicked yet!

On old hook...just me trying (and failing) to be artistic!


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Some nice pics there :thumb

Blue glass might be to prevent "Skunking"? UV light makes beer go off - that's why it's usually sold in coloured glass bottles. (I think)


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Nice report and cracking shots…i would love a looking here too looks really interesting….

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