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Report - - Tournaig HAA Battery, Poolewe - 15/01/08 | Military Sites |

Report - Tournaig HAA Battery, Poolewe - 15/01/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Vivisted this today with Bryag, an a lovely day-trip (:gay) taking in 5 sites in total - a good days exploring, and thanks for the driving mate :thumb

Not madly exciting, but there were some nice bits of signage left, and it was my first HAA..

No pics of the Command Bunker, I'm afraid - the main section was being used to house chickens, so we thought it best not to bother 'em...

Pictures are a little dark, apologies, it was my first day out with my new camera.....

General view of the site - watertower (?) in background

All the mountings were grassed over...

Nice to see, although it means nothing to me :eek:

Low-tech hooks :D

It was a lovely spot though...

And here's another HAA, a few miles up the coast, interesting to see the different construction technique - wriggly tin is everywhere on the West Coast :D

Edit - sorry 'bout the graffitti in view, but this was the shot that showed the least offensive :eek: It was all over this one......
A good day out, other reports to follow....

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