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Report - Trip to Denbigh Asylum , Nurse Ward


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Hello everyone, I'm new to posting here, my names Amy. I'm currently looking for people to join me when I go urban exploring so I am just posting some pictures of places I've been in the past.
I went the Denbigh asylum for the second time a few months back, bare with me because I know the pictures aren't very good. I love urban exploring out of pure interest so photos aren't my strong point haha :)
Here are some pictures of the nurses ward at Denbigh because me and my friend went there twice and failed to notice that we wasn't even in the actual asylum! Bright move lol. Anyway it was still really interesting and a great explore, it was a bit trashed which was annoying and some of it was burned , I believe a fire got started there a few years back . but the atmosphere was amazing , we got to the third floor which was the highest floor, although the floor did seem a bit unsteady there and we managed to explore all the rooms. it's worth a visit! Maybe not the best for photos though because like I said it's a bit trashed.
I'm hoping to go again soon and actually get into the asylum, fingers crossed if I manage to find it this time!

Thanks for looking everyone :)



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Good on you for getting out to Denbigh. But can't understand how you didn't realise you were not in the main hospital. It right at the side of the nurses quarters.:thumb


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28DL Full Member
You need to add the photos to the main report, rather than adding them as attachments.

When creating a report, there is a button which looks like a mountain with a sun in the top left hand corner, if you click that then add the url of where you are hosting the photo, it will then add the photo to the actual report :thumb


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Have another go, or perhaps see if you can find something interesting that nobody has seen before?

You should change your facebook thingy name to 'Seen quite often world'

Within these circles it appears that everything is seen often...

New page set up fb/OftenSeenWorldDERP


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28DL Full Member
some really good photos there! I just finished my report on the place but didn't manage to get time for the nurses quarters, these pics have made my mind up that I need a second trip, great work! :thumb

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