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Hi kids,

thanks to moving to a new country and generally barely keeping afloat with the exigencies of life, I haven't had much time to check out new places - let alone deal with the pictures of my last hyperactive month in Paris. During that time, my capable associates decided to put on a madcap extravaganza of subterranean trips, out beyond the pale, and even then we only scratched the surface of what the suburbs have to offer.

This one was, as many, an abandoned chalk mine. Nothing's known of its history, save that it was probably left to rot sometime in the 1930s.

We did a fair amount of tidying up, but as we descended further down into its at least 3-4 levels (apparently there's some lovely flooding further down that we fully intend to check out with our 1337 ASSAULT RAFT next time I'm in town) the trash and graffiti petered out to near-nothingness, and we were left with debris from decades back, when the locals would drive their cars, farm implements, you name it, down to their final resting places in what must have been a convenient neighborhood dumpster.

I've started taking fewer pics with an eye to trying to get the most out of lighting these pitch-dark spaces through multiple exposure stacking in Photoshop, any tips are welcome.


Open door policy


Down, down, down


Candle railroad


The fountainhead


Stalactite palace


Seismic alarm


Magic castle

More, as always, at kosmograd dot net.​


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