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Report - tunstall court, hartlepool (25/02/08 and 27/02/08)

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Well Wasp

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well living near hartlepool this is an esential visit
myself and philplop reccie the sight a week before the explore had a look around spotted some entrance ways which looked quite tricky or tight, then had a reccie 24th and some pikey had provided us with a perfect entrance.
anyway some history for the site (google is my friend)

Built in 1899 by the famous shipbuilder and entrepreneur William C. Gray, the son of Sir William Gray also of shipbuilding fame, Tunstall Court was the Gray family’s main residence, though they did also own similarly sized properties in Yorkshire and Devon. As well as William C Gray and his wife, 7 other members of the Gray family occupied the building for nearly 30 years, with a staff of 12 to make sure their every need was looked after. Even with all these people in there Tunstall Court would have seemed spacious and luxurious with its 30 rooms, ballroom and indoor swimming pool*.
Tunstall House was also occupied briefly by the Furness family who were also hugely famous in the shipbuilding trade of the North East of England in the 19th and 20th centuries
In 1948 the ownership of the building was given to Hartlepool Borough Council who operated a number of initiatives from the building, such as using it as a training college for various trades including a secretarial college at one point. Sadly due to spiralling costs the council were forced to give up the property in 2002 due to a yearly cost of £165,000 for the upkeep of the land and its gardens.
Shortly after this a pilot scheme was launched by the Dutch company Camelot in which people were granted cheap leases of apartments in the building (£25 a week with all bills included, less than a quarter of an average for the area) in return for the occupants acting as security guards and keepers of the property, carrying out light maintenance and generally just keeping the property in a reasonable state of repair.
Again this scheme was short lived and Tunstall court closed its doors for the last time in 2006.

well am sure you all knew all that anyway...
on with the explore
first time round me and philplop went round and explored the whole building including the pigeon poo floor on top the small staircase
second time was myself and philplop and another person who may or may not be a member if she is am sure she will have a report soon, that was just a quick photo session round the main entrance and hall
i also returned last night and had a proper explore of the tunnels and a better look at the swimming pool (*)

heres some pictures


the main entrace


the ball room (this room was amazing i was in here ages) aprently as someone we know atendted school here, the rumor went that the swimming pool (*) was under this hall we explored the tunels and rooms under the hall and the whole building and their was no swimming pool their was a labrynth of odd tunnels which wernt really meant for people to walk through (on another visit late 28th i did discover a new room in these tunnels though with the fuse box it looked like)


the stair case :D


the stained glass windows and dome above the stairs


picture of the bassment aea


some pipping i was geussing it is for the heating but i am unsure


and the tunnels


one burnt out room (toward the front of the building)


the other burnt out room towards the rear


the site


and one very odd looking machine anyone know what this is for?

and lastly a few fun ones

PHILPLOP in his stealth hat

out a window


in a court yard


and the pic of the day, a year 2000 diary, but a 2000ad one, what better than to write your planes down in than a book covered in pictures of good ol' judge dredd

(*) right this swimming pool, we found only one room that could of ben a swimming pool but it was tiny, and the floor was concretted not tiled, and currently has a false floor with a trap door in it, i didnt get any pictures of it, but i have seen them on here before, but i would hardly say it could be classed as a swimming pool if that is it!
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Re: tunstall court, hartlepool (25/02/08 and 27/02/08) REPORT

Met up with well wasp and his friend and went onto this site which from the outside looks sad and unhappy for a building but once inside, tell tale signs for bored chav's and one or two pyromaniacs chavs as well, think it was a good idea to have a BBQ inside one of the side rooms????? well hope you enjoy the pics just as much as i did looking around the site :thumb

The outside




This unchaved picture was one of the highlights to the visit




any idea what this is?



in one room these boxes.........

But see what was right next to them....:crazy



wish the chavs knew how to use this to tidy there mess up lol

After this site we traveled up north to cherry knowles... got parked up, walked upto the main building, carefully walked around to a known entry point.... a quick peeks around the corner,,,, then saw two guards alking towards us in the distance, made a quick retreat to a well covered area but soon got spotted :( so we had to call it a day as they watched us walk away from the site (BOOOO) but i will be back.. watch this space as the saying goes lol lol

i will be returning back to have another visit. Thanks again to well wasp and his friend to showing me this place :thumb
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