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Report - - Turner Village Hospital - Colchester - 2005 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Turner Village Hospital - Colchester - 2005

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wow this turned out to be alot bigger than i was expecting! Only relly managed to get exterior shots as most of the buildings were well secure and im pretty sure there was security about somewhere. (i saw vans,cars and portacabins but no guards!:confused: )

Its right next to Colchester general and super overlooked by houses but no one semed to care.


entered near this tower, but i twigged the van parked near its base so didnt move closer


passed a couple of buildings like this but it looked like security were in that portacabin along side it so i kept my distance





these later style buildings were right at the southern tip of the site but were all secure



apart from this one which could be acessed by either the roof or by a broken window (strangly not borded up)


last off i went back to the car and drove into one of the old staff carparks (managed to go the wrong way around the one way system lol!) stopped to take this pic.

Theres much much more then what ive shown in these pics but most of it is tightly packed with buildings that are either brand new or still in use so its hard to get close without beeing seen. that said it would make a great visit if you can get inside as im told alot of its contents are still there. Theres building work going on close by too so it may not be ther for much longer