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Report - - UCL / UCH - Central London 27/05/06 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - UCL / UCH - Central London 27/05/06

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
(The UCL Whol Virion Centre + UCL/UCH plant & tunnels)

Meself with Nurse Payne.

Blimey what a mad afternoon.

We poke around assorted dead buildings in central London, all looking a bit tricky. Then we decide to try and get a better vantage point on one and... uh oh! IT'S LIVE SITE TIME... gulp!

We're wandering around in a semi-dormant (or so it seems? where is everybody?) bit of UCL and we find pathology, immunology, a department placarded with bio-hazard warnings, staff room, all sorts. Occasionally someone wanders past but takes no notice of us. Well, we thought they weren't taking any notice.

After about 30 mins of general nosying in every interesting looking doorway, we are at one of the extremeties of the building and get a vantage point on a possible neighbouring target. And then... oh fook... that sounds like hasty footsteps coming our way. Were they coming from above or below? We don't know, and gamble taking the stairs up. Wrong. Almost face to face with security who somehow doesn't see us and we bolt. He's rapidly checking the corridors facing off the stairwell. A quick sprint down to reception and we stroll out past the main security. Doof! Job One!

We go for a general wander and then NP suggests the UCL tunnels. She's managed to get 'friendly access' earlier, but this time we'd need to do it without help. And after a bit of poking around we're down there. First section is the boiler rooms and we have to peel off jackets to cope with the heat. It's sweltering. Next along is the backup generator plant. A row of Rolls Royce engined generators, each with a placard naming which hospital or UCH section they are for. Big signs saying "This machinery may start automatically".

We push on a bit further and find a connection to a new construction area. Again we start to stumble across security and have to beat a retreat. Elsewhere in the plant there is a tunnel leading to... I don't know where. By this time I'm fading with the heat and want out. NP went back to see where the tunnel went. Maybe tomorrow I'll find out what she found. We are hoping it will lead to one of the derelict hospitals but who knows.

Some pics to follow.

First pics from the UCL Whol centre.

"The Dane Microscope" in a display cabinet


When we peered in here we realised the site was live...


Here you see the light from the department - almost everywhere was lit up but it was very very quiet. Some staff wandering around but not many. Possible that we were there after "home time" but not sure.


Now down under UCL/UCH

Floor level in the boiler & generator room. On the left are the boilers.


One of the Rolls Royce engined generators. Probably about the size of a RR Merlin engine (Spitfire)... mahoosive.


Looking down in to the plant room from gantry level. From here we could appreciate the scale of the place. All under central London!


This is a placard on one of the generators. Each is labelled with what it powers (in the case of power failure). There must be six or seven hospitals/hospital units backed up from here - most/all part of the sprawling UCH campus.


OK that's it. Mostly credit to NP for general cheekiness on entering the Whol building, but especially for getting the UCL tunnels. I just hope the mad chick made it out ok tonight :)
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