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Report - Underground Manchester, Cathedral Steps 09/04/08

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I should have danced all night
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Visited with Userscott, Vivo and Yaz.

I remember the original thread for this and it was quite possibly the most anticipated report to be seen on here. Now that more people have had the chance to see it with lots of hard work, it was now my chance. I only had a small window of free exploring time before I had to be back in Somerrrrset but last night was the night for fun. The last week had been a big mix of silly working hours and trying to find a place to live so a nice challenging explore was what I needed:)

I rolled up to chez Scott late (as usual, stupid traffic) and we quickly got ourselves sorted and we were on our way.

Vivo, our token super notherner (not a midlander like Scott or a dirty queen-speaking southerner like me) had made lots of colourful magnetic LEDs for us to play with and stick to bits of ducting. Once we got in, we hid all our stuff so the rats wouldn't steal it. I didn't see any rats though:(

It was a fantastically hidden place full of little rooms to explore but THE SMELL! Oh my dears and ears and eyes! I've never smelt anything like it. It was horrible! I was also having camera issues and only a very yellowy maglite to paint with, hence the lack of good pics. I'd also forgotten my tripod so luckily Yaz was on hand to lend me his. The autofocus broke on my 10-20 as well but rest assured, I will be going back to Jessops wearing my angry face and a sharp tongue:mad:

But all in all, a fantastic night! Adventure is not the word, it was so much super scary fun that you could bottle it and sell it on for lots of dosh. So a big thanks to Userscott who made it all possible and everyone else for being great company. Also thanks to Snappel for bottling it coz there were more Smarties to share around:thumb

Why ayeee man! Cuppa teaaa like!!!

















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Re: Underground Manchester, Cathedral Steps 09/04/08 REPORT

This has got to be one of the best places I've visited. Not so much for the actual place itself but simply for the epic journey to get in! It's all fair enough saying 'Nice pics' but if you aren't familiar with the access details you can't appreciate the work and planning that went into discovering this. I certainly wasn't expecting it to be as 'strange' as it is. This is proper urbex, a challenge like it should be. It sure beats the hell out of your average 'walk through an open door' type entry. Definitely worth the mega journey via public transport to Manchester and back just to do it.

I broke my tripod before we even got in. Although it looks really clean in Rooks' photos this place is manky so I only put my camera down when I could find a dry spot. I had to use flash throughout so no big photos of lightly lit rooms like she got (At least I didn't look as stupid, dancing around with a maglite lol). Gutta about the egg-shaped filter and about Rooks' lense as well. I think we got a good spread of variation in our photos. Usually you get everyone setting up their cameras on tripods next to each other and getting virtually the same image. We were all doing different stuff. I think Yaz got some good ones of us with his mad little Peleng as well.

Anyway, it was a mint laugh apart from the more-than-constant "Howay man!"/"Why aye man!" Geordie impersonations going on for hours on end and Userscott running round going "Braaaa! Braaaa!" or whatever it was he was doing. :D

Just to blow my own trumpet a little ;): I think something that is apparent with my photographs which isn't necessarily the case with most of the other photos from down here is that it is dark! The other guys have done such a great job lightpainting and illuminating the place that it looks amazing in the photos. You can't see it all quite as well going off a headtorch so it certainly feels much darker than it looks from the photos.

On to the photographs:





WW2 signage.



Glowing toilet!



Looks like Rooks is at an underground shop or something. Check out the dude behind the kiosk!


Errr....yeah. The floor wasn't level :D


Me being immensely cruel and firing a flash straight into Rooks' eyes. The warmth! :D This was mega fun. We all stood there blinding each other for about 10 minutes.


Random safe thingy majig.


:D Sorry, I had to do it!

If you fancy it, there are more pictures here.

Much thanks to Userscott for all the shit, and also for getting us in and putting me up for the night. :thumb
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