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Report - - Underground Roman Gate - 30.05.07 | Underground Sites |

Report - Underground Roman Gate - 30.05.07

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Just a chance phone call as this is under the Royal Bank of Scotland :eek:
...and for some reason, I thought there might be more of a gate left!
But anyway... here are a few images of what is left of an old Roman Gate, that used to surround the City.

A bit of history:
Its a roman gateway not many people get to see. It lies beneath the Royal Bank of Scotland, opposite the Waterside Centre in Lincoln. Travelling underground you can see an old Roman limestone wall which was part of the southern wall of the old city of Lincoln. The gate itself was a pedestrian gateway enabling people to access the boats on Lincoln's waterfront. Excavations in the 1970s revealed the remains of the 4th century gateway, thought to have been used by merchants and traders when the River Witham was a bustling waterway. The river used to be much wider and wooden jetties would have been set up close to the gateway to allow access into the city.

Anyway... enjoy: