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Report - Upper Oil Mills, Dover 20/05/09


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Visited with Siologen.

We went here a couple of weeks ago before I left for Ireland and after we'd had an epic day of fail in regards to what we were looking for (although this paid off in the end because we found it eventually). The day started off so promising weather wise but whilst we were ambling along the coast, the heavens opened and splatted down a load of raindrops the size of golf balls. We got soaked and ended up squelching around Dover talking about the usual filth and asking locals for information.

So....as a last resort, we checked out the oil mills which were so murky that it made all the photos come out very misty because of the condensation. There was some interesting graffiti :p It was still a good recceing day and a great opportunity to (kind of) get to know the area...even though we still got lost a couple of weeks later.

In conclusion....Dover is full of black holes and conspiracy horses.








Some of it...some was too hot for TV so I won't post it:p

Ha ha someone's got an admirer!