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Report - Ventnor R1 Bunker Isle of Wight May 2008

Truffle Pig

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Well as some of you may or may not know, the R1 bunker thats here on the island has been sealed and capped off from the rest of the world.....

Heres a few taster shots(im not uploading all of them now, as Ive only had 3hrs sleep, and Im fooked and gotta goto work now) :(


The capped off end where the guard house was.


Dan in the main access tunnel.


Another tunnel shot with what looks like a gun rack on the right.


Various machinery.


A few spare keys.


Running water :confused:


Proberbly the main OPs room.


Oooops ;)


Group shot infront of a map of the south.

Another thing, it was well skanky down there, everything was covered with mould, and the lower level was flooded :(

More to follow......
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Truffle Pig

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Re: Ventnor R1 Bunker Isle of Wight - REPORT - May 2008

From what I have found out, this place was built in late 1952, and operational until the end of the cold war, around 1991, then ALL entrances/exits were capped with concrete in 1994/5

More info on this place can be found on the usual subbrit site, although no underground pics.

The small gray bungalow built just inside the chain-link perimeter fence somewhat optimistically disguised the entrance to the bunker. Besides providing access to the top of a circular stairway guarded by a Service Policeman, the bungalow accommodated the Technical Officer together with his Warrant Officer. The roof space was used to store a small quantity of spare units for the radar 'heads'

The tunnel, which was about eight feet square, descended at a significant angle and was brightly lit, had smartly painted rendered walls and had a highly polished brown linoleum floor. After about 30 yards there was a wall mounted glass fronted cabinet which contained two service revolvers. It was hard to imagine the purpose of these, especially when I later learnt that the bullets for these were kept in a safe in the office above. The corridor continued, then turned sharply left and after another thirty or so yards reached a pair of massive blast doors. These were well over a foot thick and presumably motor driven, but thankfully I never saw them closed. The corridor was now at the right-hand side of a large room known as the Radar Office.

After this, doors on the right gave access to Officers' and Other Ranks' refreshment rooms and on the left, curtained access to the Operations Room. Next, also on the left, double doors led to a few steps down into a large high ceilinged 'plant' room housing ranks of motor generating equipment and air-conditioning apparatus. The corridor, now being only six feet across, continued through double doors and around a corner to a bolted heavy steel door through which was the main ventilation shaft which doubled as a route to the emergency exit. The shaft contained a zigzag of several flights of steel stairs and a large waterfall air washing system. Finally a heavy door in the side of the shaft, now a steel tube, opened to fresh air.
Anyway more pics;


Compressor in the pump room.


Electrics in the gas filtration room.




Fan powering the filtration.


Blast doors.


Main corridor.


Main corridor towards main stairway.


Door towards emergency exit.


Emergency exit stairway.


Somthing to do with the heating.


Paperwork, this was all mouldy and fell apart when touched.


Some form of teletalk.


Transformer near main entrnce.




Another shot near the transformer.


Mess room.


Womens sink, complete with bogroll.


Im guessing some sort operator sat here, there were several bays.



Not that its very clear, but you can make out the isle of wight on the glass.




Leading upto the main entrance.

So theres a few more :cool:

Comments welcome.
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