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Vertical Caving

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Vertical Caving - Authors: Mike Meredith and Dan Martinez
Paperback - 79 pages
Publisher: Lyon Equipment, Cumbria
ISBN: 0-9506874-3-X

This book is a fairly comprehensive guide to SRT equipment and techniques.

It is a little dated but still provides excellent information.

Good info on kit, rigging (including bolting) and rescue.


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Another one is "Vertical-a technical manual for cavers" I cant seem to find my copy to confirm this, by Alan Warild and published by the Speleological Research Council, Australia. An excellent book and considered by many to be THE handbook on such matters. Al is one of the best cavers in the world and really has his shit in one sock. The book is centred around Vertical SRT and the Frog System, unlike the American IRT, rope walking systems popular over there.

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