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Report - - Victoria Tunnel - Underground Newcastle - Feb 07 | Underground Sites |

Report - Victoria Tunnel - Underground Newcastle - Feb 07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Victoria Tunnel is an amazing almost forgotton wagonway beneath the streets of Newcastle, hardly known to the majority of locals. The history of it amazes me - built to transport coal it closed after not many years use in the 19th century, but was born again as a mass air raid shelter in WW2. It now sits dormant again, or it did until it played host to me and Northern Exposure.

It was my second visit as I explored it last summer, never had any problems with bad air, although some say they have. Thanks to Vivo for the updated access info and Northern Exposure for the company. [check out his report if you havn't already]

Entrance tunnel added for the public to make their way down when the sirens went off

Tree roots


Air raid shelter toilet signs

Blast shields - added for WW2 incase a section of the tunnel suffered a direct hit - blast would be limited to a short section. Although these look like wood in the photo - they are very think concrete - the texture gives away the wood framing used to cast the concete.

Some of the few remaining WW2 seats


Northern Exposure has LEDs for eyes and has set fire to his hands! This section of the tunnel was reinforced when the Tyne and Wear underground trains were tunnelled in the 70s - we could feel and hear the Metro trains vibrating past us in the neighbouring tunnel.