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Report - - Volcrepe Mill-Glossop-11/8/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Volcrepe Mill-Glossop-11/8/07

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Visited with Saul son, Gibbo, Dodgerat, havoc and the new mendoza.

Manufacturers of Rubber mainly for the aerospace industry, but we found documentation to suggest they also supplied the MOD with various bits and pieces from their base at the VC works in Glossop.

It was a fantastic day weather wise for exploring, sun beating down and buoyed by the success of getting into United utilities in ashton and seeing those fantastic maps we headed over to Glossop for a look at this mill, a lead provided by the new mendoza.

I was excited at the prospect right from the start as i love mills even if a lot of the time they tend to be stripped out and generally are very similar on all the floors but this one was slightly different, spread over several level on two sides of the road with a lovely company logo'd bridge joining the two parts.

Looking down the aforementioned road towards the bridge, this should give you a decent idea of the layout, in the shot are TNM and Gibbo to give you an idea of scale.

Just inside i found this sign, drugs?!?!

Just inside on the ground floor, as you can see its typical mill constuction, iron supporting beams and wooden roof construction with an abundance of windows to provide natural light.

Some sort of old machine pit i assume

There was still the odd bit of machinery knocking about too but as to what they did, your guess is as good as mine.



Myself and Saul in particular really liked this place, we were just going up the stairs in the first part of the mill having not even crossed the bridge when havoc and dodgerat were on their way out, fortunately they all waited patiently for half an hour or so whilst we finished off.

The goods chute from the top floor to the second floor.

The roof constuction on the top floor where the goods chute was was amazing

So we admired that for a bit before heading for the bridge to the other part.

At this point we came across various logbooks and records, some in attractive leather bound books

The roof constuction was also different in this part with vaulted brick ceilings.

In this office room i found a set of blueprints from 1947 attaining to a conversion of air raid shelters somewhere in the building into a staff canteen, at which point myself and saul got quite excited and obviously set about trying to find the rooms in question delaying our exit yet again and leaving the others sat in the sun outside.


So having done most of the site but not coming across the former shelters we quickly nipped out into the yard to see if they were in a seperate building, but to no avail.

So off we wandered to catch up with the others and onto the next site.

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