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Report - Water Eaton Grain Silo, Oxfordshire, October 2011.


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I accept this is not a new place to be explored at all, but it was my first explore, done spontaneously.

A friend and I went at the crack of dawn and watched the sunrise from the roof, the view is wonderful.

After 30 years of disuse, there's a hell of a lot of pigeon poop and graffiti! To my knowledge, the fire service have been called out to two fire calls since then, both on the lower floors.

I have to say the most impressive thing about this explore was the enormity of the silos themselves, running the whole height of the building. We dropped a small pebble into one, and a lengthy six seconds later we heard the clunk!

I wish to return, this time with a tripod (schoolgirl error!), and perhaps a flash head. Hope this is a decent first report!

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The Park & Ride below us, from the roof, the pools of light were nice, just before sunrise.


The offices have been closed off from the main building, but are accessible, as was this space.


The front of the building. A lot of rubble!


Found this piece of machinery, removed from the main unit on that floor.


Taken from the ground floor, looking upwards right through to the top floor.


My friend, in front of the building. It really looms over the area.


You can see the holes in the floor above the silos themselves. Unnerving if you don't like the idea of standing on top of a big hole!


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