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Report - - Weatherby Pottery, Stoke - 27/06/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Weatherby Pottery, Stoke - 27/06/08

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28DL Full Member
I haven't put a report up for a while but right now I've got some time because I've well and truly spat the dummy and given up painting!!!!

Visited this place with dweeb, it is probably one of the best places I've ever been, Weatherby set up this Pottery in 1892, it's crazy, buidings on 3 sides of a courtyard with a bottle kiln in the centre. It's just expanded organically, there's levels and rooms and stairs leading everywhere from really old and no roof to freshly plastered, a proper warren.

Dweeb had been here when there was some kind of art exhibition on but the place has been locked and boarded since, fortunately it's listed but like the rest of Stoke, that doesn't mean it's being taken care of.

The amount of moulds and finished pots, like at all the pottery factories was amazing, every single pattern, item or design you can imagine from Disney type figures to ashtrays, teapots, anything possibly made out of pot!

There are rooms just of lids for stuff, racks and racks of cups that would never be used and papers and ephemera glaore. I'm amazed at the moment how much really old paperwork I've found or read. When you start saying "Meh" at something that's from 1940, and only the stuff from the 20's or 1890's is unusual!!!!





Met some local floosies too, Imagine bumping into these two in a dark corner of an abandoned factory :eek: